HERA® Roll On – The best mosquitoe protection!


  • Disrupts the insects’ awareness
  • The insects stay away from the smell
  • EC oil (H/C) disturbs the gas metabolism of the insects
Hera Roll On Display 12er seitlich

HERA® Roll On – the revolutionary and practical insect repellent.

=> optimal protection for the whole family
=>suitable for children 6 months and up.
=> protects from mosquitoes of all kinds for up to 6 h
=> protects against ticks for up to 4 hours
=> for versatile applications
=> quick and easy to apply / spread on the skin
=> suitable for body and face
=> fresh scent
=> leaves a pleasantly soft feeling on the skin
=> effective immediately

HERA® Roll On – Application

Apply HERA® Roll On evenly on the skin and spread it.
For optimal protection, apply HERA® Roll On to all exposed areas of the body not covered
by solid garments and allow to dry. It should also be applied to body areas that are only covered by
light clothing. Do not apply HERA® Roll On directly to the face.
To apply HERA® Roll On to your face, first put some on your palms and then apply gently.
Avoid the mouth and eye area. When combined with a sunscreen, always use HERA® Roll On last.